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Friday, January 17, 2014


Welcome to my blog. It is called "The World Thru Brant's Eyes" for a very simple reason. I am Brant, and anything interesting that catches my eye thru the course of a day makes me, I wish I had my Nikon to capture it.

Especially things in nature, or anything thing else in the world around me that makes me stop for a split second in my busy day and say...hmmm. You know what I am talking about I'm sure. What made you say "hmmm" today when you saw it? If you are not the type to notice the little things around in our world from time to time--the beautiful things, the cool things, the interesting things--maybe after you read a few of my posts, your perception will change.

You certainly don't have to have a camera with you to capture life's little visual treats. Things tend to stick with you if you will give it a few seconds of your undivided attention. For example, if you are walking into work one day and you see the sunrise on the horizon and it is hitting the morning clouds just right...if you will stop a second and just 'take it in', that image will stay with you. You can take a mental snapshot if you will. 

My memory is not that great anymore, so maybe that's why I am so interested in capturing images (like that beautiful sunrise) that excite me in the form of a photograph.

What can you expect to see on my blog? 

You will see pictures for sure, and you will see come camera 'jargon' along with it. It will be geared more towards the amateur photographer (because that's what I am), but you don't have to know a thing about photography to enjoy the pictures I post. You will see pictures of my pets for sure, pics of my wife and son, pictures of the outdoors, and some off-the-wall stuff too (me just playing around with my camera).

My aim is to do two things... one is to develop my own photography skills and perhaps maybe teach a few tricks to other amateurs. The other objective is to get the reader to open their eyes to the beautiful world in which we live and pause for a bit, just to take it in. 

There will be no rhyme or reason to when I post unfortunately. You may see a post every few days, or once a month...depending on how busy life gets. I have a wonderful wife and son (and a more-than-full-time job) who get first dibs on the hours in my day.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy!


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