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Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Am a Photographer

Summarizing today's post: Differentiating between different types of photographers, the purpose of this blog, & encouraging you to blow the dust off your camera!

shot at 82mm, ISO 200, 1/1250 sec, f/5, shallow depth of field demonstrated

I call myself a photographer, but what does that mean exactly?

For you, it may mean you are a 9-5 professional portrait photographer who works inside of a studio all day with your name, "Joe's Photography", on the front glass window. You are a true professional. Most often in this case, this business has been established for years, maybe spanning a couple generations.

For another person, being a photographer may mean they are a banker during daytime working hours, then he or she has a little side job doing freelance photojournalist gigs in the evenings. Still a professional, just at it part-time. 

And then there's the guy who just loves to take photos with the camera on his smartphone or pocket camera. A professional? No. A photographer? You bet!

They are all photographers, really. But the degree of "professional" would relate back to a couple of things. this what they do for a living? Are they so good at what they do that they get paid for it? 

But other than getting paid for their services (or not), what sets these 3 fellows apart from one another? So many things. And are there other types/categories of photographers? You bet there are. So many in fact, it's difficult to name them all (if not impossible).

I have been struggling for awhile now, trying to decide on what "kind" of photographer I really am. More specifically...I am trying to hone a clear path for this blog. What is it I actually do and what is my purpose? In what place do I fall within the 3 examples of photographers above? The answer to that is, that I don't. I don't fall nicely into any one of those categories. I (like many others) fall into a category all my own.

I am a self-taught, no-official-training, amateur photographer. When I got my first Pentax 35mm camera at age 12, something happened...a spark started to grow. Now, 25 years later (and much more equipment later) I am still trying to define exactly what I want to do with this skill of mine. It's a work in progress to say the least. 

I am passionate about capturing images around me in this world. I am passionate about creative lighting. And I am passionate about stopping time for at least a moment, and savoring it. (The only way to stop time in its tracks is with a photograph...ever thought about that?)

Lastly, I want to help others (thru coaching) develop their love for photography and let their creativity blossom. That's it, that's my purpose. That's why I have created this blog. [you can also see my Welcome page here.

My target audience would be the person who has this awesome camera sitting in his/her closet, but doesn't know how to use it to its full potential. They may take it out for the kids' birthday parties and vacation, but that's it. All that's needed is the desire to learn more about that camera. I want to teach this person how to "stop time" in ways that makes the average person say WOW!

I am a photographer, who are you?

Thanks for reading!


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