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Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo Tip Monday: Keep It Simple

Summarizing today's post: Photo tips, keep your photographs simple, ambient only lighting, stay open to possibilities, carry your camera with you at all times.

shot at 36mm, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/60th of a sec, ambient light only
It's Photo Tip Monday, and I've got a quick one for you.

Sometimes people (self included) want to over-complicate a photograph. It's got to be perfect, the subject/object has to be situated just right, it's too dark so you need to add your own light, there's clutter in the background...the list goes on.

And if those many variables can't be adjusted 'just so', then forget it. Photograph lost.

So basically, your photo tip for today is to not try so dang hard.

I have found that the best way to capture a good image is to keep my eyes open to anything that is not quite normal. And when I do, I take advantage of the opportunity. It's really all about keeping your camera with you at all times so you CAN click photos of the not-so-ordinary when it occurs. (see the Camerawith! challenge here.) 

Case in point. Look at the photo above. It's just a chair. But it's simple and unique because it's something you don't see everyday. It has a little dusting of snow on it, which against the color red is very pretty. Ambient only lighting (no flash) was plenty, nothing fancy was needed. Nothing adjusted. I just kept it simple and snapped the photo.

I like it.

So remember: keep it simple, don't try so hard, keep your eyes open and be patient, and of course...carry your camera with you at all times.

Have a great Monday and thanks for reading!


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