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Monday, August 11, 2014

Photo tip Monday: Off-Camera Lighting For Beginners

Summarizing today's post: Inexpensive off-camera lighting, photography & lighting for beginners, manual mode photo tips.

shot at 120mm, ISO 800, f/5.3, shutter speed 3 seconds
It's Phototip Monday and I've got an angry-looking kitty to start your week off right. 

She's not really angry...I believe that's a look of tolerance. Daddy won't let her sleep!

Let's get to the tip:

You have heard me talk and talk about off-camera lighting. (If you're a new reader, click here.) But what if you don't have all the gear yet to play?

Don't worry. There's so much you can do with what you have already! Example?

Just to play around and prove this point, I set up my camera in front of Kitty just the other day and balanced it on a pillow. I put all settings to manual mode and exposed for the ambient light in the room (which wasn't much light at all). Note I have a very slow shutter speed of 3 whole seconds. That's sloooow. (Hence the reason for balancing on a pillow.)

Guess where I the added light came from? My cell phone flash light app. I could have just as easily used a regular flashlight. I held it up above the camera about a foot and a half...just enough to get a burst of off-camera light. Not the best quality photograph, but point made.

Even if you have a regular ole point-and-shoot camera that you can't put into manual mode, you can still try this. Simply turn your flash off beforehand. 

Off-camera lighting beginners... go play and have a little fun.

Thanks for reading, and have great Monday!


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