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Friday, October 17, 2014

Have You Had A Break Lately?

Summarizing today's post: Taking short breaks with family, finding peace & contentment, and carrying your camera with you always.

lake photograph
Overlooking Lake Phelps

On Saturday I had the privilege to visit one of our state parks not too far from where I grew up. Pettigrew State Park is right on Lake Phelps, NC and is a beautiful place. Check it out if you like by clicking the here: 

My dad, our little boy, and myself had been planning a little camping trip over the last couple months and decided Lake Phelps was the place to go. Not too far away, and there was plenty for us to do to occupy our time while there. I wanted to post a few photographs I took while there. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to snap a few photos to capture the moment.

Dissipating clouds over the Lake Phelps
Happiness to me is being with family, as you have heard me say before (see here). I love taking short breaks throughout my busy week and recharging my batteries with my wife and son. It's an extra special treat when I can spend time with my parents as well. This little trip was Gavin's first official camping trip away from home so I was extra excited to get away with him.

A little Lake Phelps history lesson
We all had a wonderful time. And although we had to dodge a few storms while there, we made the best of it and had a dry night's sleep in our tent. I couldn't ask for a better experience for Gavin's sake.

I think it is so important to break from our hectic schedules and "recharge" a bit from time to time. It can be compared to sleep at night between our busy days...we all need it.

I sure hope that you get to break away from your busy life this weekend and do something fun with family. It doesn't have to be a long, eventful trip either. A simple hour-long walk in the park during this awesome weather we are having right now might be enough.

Whatever you do, just make sure you bring your camera with you to capture the peace and contentment that such a little outing will give. You'll be pleasantly surprised of the warm happy feeling that will come over you when you look back at your photos later on.

Thanks for reading, have a great Friday!


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