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Friday, October 10, 2014

I Need Your Help: What Makes You Happy?

Summarizing today's post: Happiness thru photography, & a petition for your story.

shot at 44mm, ISO 200, f/11, 1/800th of a sec
As I have said before, I am convinced that happiness is escalated by the use of photography. You can look at my recent post where I wrote about our wedding anniversary (here) for a concrete example.

Time is escaping out from under us, and I believe it is so important to capture 'on film' the little things that make us glow. 

Thru my blog, I have provided many, many examples of things that make me happy. My family has been the main source of these happy times that I have shown you. But I have provided other examples as well. I have shown photographs of our pets, provided neat little shots of nature, and a couple off-the-wall things thrown in for good measure. 

This wonderful hobby of mine--photography itself--gives me a jolt of happiness as well. Only the tech-weird amateur photographer can appreciate this one (and that's okay).

Nine-nine percent of what my blog has been about up to this point is what has made ME happy. Granted, I hope you have gained something out of this and projected my examples onto your own lives in some small way.

But now it's your turn.

I need your help. I am asking my readers for some examples of what makes them happy. What floats your boat? What have you taken photos of that when you look back on them, you smile from ear to ear? I would like you to share that happiness with me so I can provide yet another example to my readers that happiness is indeed linked to photography.

Here are just a few things to get your mind stirring:

  • Do you have some photos of your son or daughter playing sports who you are super proud of? 
  • Does your husband like hunting/boating/fishing and you have a story along with a photograph to share? 
  • Does your wife love baking and have you managed to sneak up on her and get a candid shot of her in 'her element' that you'd like to share?

It's your turn to broadcast your happiness and I need some examples...can you help? I'd be tickled to turn your example into a blog post for others to see if you'd like. (Note: Your photos don't have to be perfect, snapshots will be just fine.)

Contact me thru Facebook here,
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Or leave a comment below (if you have a google account set up).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading, have a great Friday.


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