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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Can You "Bear" It?

Summarizing today's post: Can you "bear" what life throws at you? Yes you can.

photography, bear
shot at 200mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/60th of a second, WB set to shade

Sometimes the things and happenings in your daily life can almost run you aground. Or, to be more plain, it may be the things that try to hoard in on you while you are trying to live your "daily life". 

There you are minding your own business, doing what you normally do during your daily grind, and WHAM...something hits. Your boss asks you to work the weekend and you have to cancel family find out that your little one is sick...or you get a call from your tax guy and he tells you "Oh, about that refund you where expecting...yeah, you actually owe a thousand bucks this year". 

The list goes on and on.

Can you "bear" it? Yes, it turns out you can.

I took this photograph of a brown bear last year while at the NC Zoo in Asheboro with my wife and son (see more here). Everytime I look at it, I think to myself what a magnificent animal! Most people are scared to death of his kind and just want to kill them so they don't harm anyone. But is it his fault he was born a bear?

And you thought you had problems. 

The reason I am writing on Sunday instead of Friday this week is that I got very ill very suddenly last Thursday and my plans of publishing a new blog post got ruined. My world got turned upside down for about 36 hours. I'm sure you have gotten a stomach virus too, so you can imagine.

It was a bad ending to a not-so-good week. I almost couldn't bare it. But with the help of my bride, I am back on my feet again. She helped nurse me back to health so that I could tackle life again.

I was going to scrap this week's (now last week's) blog post, but then that would be giving up. I had a little time this morning, so I thought better late than never. 

Life isn't perfect. You will get a wrench thrown into your plans from time to time. I think the point is to learn to bend and flex and not get so stressed out when that happens. Plans change and life's events get postponed. Big deal. We'll make it.

Can you "bear" it? Sure you can.

Thanks for reading.


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