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Monday, September 22, 2014

Photo Tip Monday: Frustration & Photography

Summarizing today's post: Persistence in your photography, dealing with frustration, & carrying your camera with you at all times.

Shot at 170mm, ISO 400, f/11, 1/6th of a second
Trying to get that perfect photograph can really be frustrating. 

I had the privilege of running across this little doe not too long ago. It was Fall, two years ago.

I was so stoked that I had actually remembered to throw my camera in car with me that day. So I grabbed it and went to shooting!

This little girl would not cooperate for nothing in the world. She would not face me, walk behind a tree, move so fast I couldn't keep name it. I simply couldn't adjust my camera settings fast enough for the changing situations.

I finally got the above photo, which is so far from perfect I'm even embarrassed to show it (it's even out of focus). But I'm doing so to make a point. We don't have to be perfect.

Most of us get frustrated when things aren't going our way, it's human nature. Especially if that "thing" that's frustrating us happens to be something that is important to us. And since photography is important to me, I tend to get aggravated at myself when I cannot get a successful capture. 

I think I missed the point that Fall day. God allowed me to have the opportunity to interact with one of His creatures for my pleasure, and I could do nothing but fret that I couldn't get a good photo of her. It just about ruined the experience for me.

So what's the photo tip for this Monday? Remember to take your camera with you always... Of course. But don't get so frustrated at getting the best photo that you miss the enjoyment of the moment. Be persistent in your attempt, but stop short of allowing your endeavor to ruin the experience. It could be that it was just meant for you to enjoy the moment and take a "mental snapshot" that day.

We don't have to be's okay.

Have a great Monday guys, and thanks for reading.


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